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For years, psychotherapy has been stigmatized. It wasn’t until recent years that people understood the importance of taking care of themselves.  Psychotherapy is that private, intimate space that you can process your experiences. It’s where you can heal from the psychological and emotional pain of previous experiences and where you can learn and practice new skills.  

I have been providing psychotherapy for over twenty years. I truly believe in the power of two people connecting with the sole goal of working on whatever is stopping the process of having a sense of well-being. 

I believe that a perfect technique that will help you to reach to your psychological and emotional goals does not exist. I believe in a bio-psycho-social approach; which means that we need to look at the problem from the perspective of how biology, our social interactions and the way that we think influence development. I believe that there is evidence-based treatment that can help my clients with their particular situation, no matter what it is. As part of this process, I discuss the different types of approaches available and the client will choose what they think is the best for them. I work with a flexible thinking approach where education, in addition to the proper intervention, goes hand in hand with where we want to be. 

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