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Welcome to Krecer Psychological Services, LLC

Dr. Yasmin Lugo

An Orlando psychologist who inspires to practice kindness towards others and, at the same time, to themselves.

Dr. Lugo has dedicated her life to helping others in the process of healing and overcoming obstacles.

Many people think that practicing kindness towards themselves is something that comes naturally. In my years of experience; and even in my own process of introspection, I know that one of the most difficult things to do is to ease our thoughts and be fair to ourselves. I believe that the biggest battles we fight are inside ourselves. Many of our psychological struggles begin when we carry a shadow of pain, guilt and anger. We tend to let our thoughts defeat us and they, in turn, do not let us move forward. I want to help you move forward with your dreams and conquer those self-defeating thoughts that are not allowing you to move towards what can be your biggest accomplishment yet!


You deserve to feel fulfilled with the knowledge that tomorrow can be a better day. You deserve to heal from your past experiences and cope with them in a way that will allow you to move forward.  Let me help me today!


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About Krecer Psychological Services, LLC

About Dr. Yasmin Lugo

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am Dr. Yasmin Lugo, President and founder of Krecer Psychological Services, Inc.  Krecer (proper grammar is Crecer with a “C”, which means growing in Spanish) with the letter K, a letter that is a symbol of the heart of the Company which is “growing with kindness”.   My vision is to help every person that receives my services to feel accepted while they learn to accept themselves

I would like to share more about my experiences and education. I graduated from my doctorate degree in 1999, and during my studies I felt the need to learn more about mood disorders and PTSD.  I specialized, during my master’s degree, on PTSD. To be specific, I specialized on helping Sexual Abuse Victims, and have worked with clients with PTSD from very early in my career.  As well as working with PTSD, I have experience working with other diagnosis such as anxiety disorders (including OCD, social phobia, panic disorder, GAD), depression, bipolar disorders and many others. I had work with children, adolescent and adults. 

I have been trained in the following treatment approaches: Behavioral Approach (AKA Skinner approach), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Sand Therapy, Strength Based therapy, Family System therapy and MBCT. 

During my spare time, I like to pretend that I am a chef and  like to eat out and enjoy nature with my two sons, my husband and my dog.

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Owning your story
It takes courage and commitment to look at oneself and choose to make some changes. Changes are challenging but at the end, you will be proud of yourself!

Dr. Yasmin Lugo

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Concrete solutions for complex problems: online therapy with an experienced psychologist!

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